So, what's all this then?

If you are trying to organise an event with people with little free time it can take a bit of hassle on the part of the organiser to pick a date that the most number of people can make. This website aims to make it easier. You give it some details about the event and who is invited. The website can then email them an invite (or not if you'd prefer to tell them by phone or carrier pigeon) and then the invitees bring up a (simple) webpage and tell it when they can make and when they can't.

The website then recommends some days (or you can see the full details of who is available when).

How do I contact you with suggestions?

See the Contacts page.

You know that there are other websites that do a similar thing?

Yes. I actually started writing this website a very long time ago, if those websites existed then, I hadn't heard of them.

What's your privacy policy?

The information you supply to this website (including the email address) will not be used for commercial purposes. The only reasons it would ever be used is: